About Us

READ was founded in 1980 as a family business company and has grown into an international company that delivers stands and interiors in the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.

READ is known as a full service StandBuildingCompany, but what does this mean for you? That we can and do everything from concept to realization. READ has a design department, machining woodworking workshop, spray – and paint booth, and multiple storage, all under one roof. Besides that, we provide all of this with our own transport resources.

Because we have these capabilities, we can therefore be very quickly and efficiently to realize your wishes and ideas into a whole modulelaire stand or interior.

Since 2010, READ is housed in the current building, at Ambachtweg 19a in Mierlo, The Netherlands. For exhibitions, scenography, interior design or other events, you can always contact us and we will be your right partner.

We are a strong team, which are very accurate, results-oriented, flexible, and very service oriented. To this, we commit a very good price / quality ratio.